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Florida For Christmas 2003
Belguim Vacation
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We took a wonderfull six day's and explored Belguim. Renting a nice small apartment, we set up a center in which we could set out and discover the country. Brugges was the city we picked. Lying in the northern part of Belguin, we could definitely see this was the the Flannery inhabited portion of Belguim. More of a Netherland feel than that of a French that you see in the Southern portion. 

Visiting the Church of our Lady with the original Michealangelo's Statue of the Virgin Mary and Baby Jesus,  Brugges is full of culture and a typical touristy type place.


Hello from Belguim!!!

The canals where almost as good as Amsterdam's.

No Bat's in this Belfy, Just about 47 Bells that weight up to 47 kilo's.

This is the kind of job I could handle.